PMQs Almost Last Before End for Theresa May – anti-semitism clash

PMQs Almost Last Before End for Theresa May
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PMQs Almost Last Before End for Theresa May. May and Corbyn clash over anti-racism records.

Watch the clash between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn after the prime minister demanded an apology for anti-Semitism in Labour.

Mrs May said it was a “disgrace” Mr Corbyn had “dodged his responsibility” for tackling anti-Jewish prejudice.

The Labour leader insisted he was “dealing” with the issue

This is it.  It will be Theresa May‘s last Prime Minister’s Questions before the new PM steps in.  One of the two contenders will be revealed as Prime Minister ahead of the next PMQs before parliament closes for summer.

Then it’s goodbye Theresa May and hello to either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt. But we understand the new PM will not begin taking questions until the after summer session starts.  The final PMQs before this session ends will be held by Mrs May as a proxy Prime Minister

As predicted Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader came under attack from Theresa May.  The issue of anti-semitism is not going away. The PM went for the ‘throat’ document in hand over the claims.

Will you be watching?  What are your thoughts about Theresa May leaving?  Did she or didn’t she do a good job?  Was it right to push her out?


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