Boris Johnson Under Attack – Andrew Neil after honest answers

Boris Johnson Under Attack
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Boris Johnson Under Attack. Andrew Neil virtually had Boris by the neck during the interview.

Andrew Neil warned Boris Johnson he was not going to give him an easy time and that he expected honest answers from the contender.

While Brexit, taxes and other issues were covered the row over the UK’s ambassador in Washington, resignation needed addressing.

On Wednesday after a row over leaked emails critical of President Donald Trump’s administration Sir Kim Darroch resigned.

Mr Johnson was criticised in the aftermath for failing to fully support Sir Kim in the ITV leadership debate the evening before. This followed angry criticism of Sir Kim by Mr Trump.

Mr Johnson said he had spoken to Sir Kim on Thursday to express his sadness over his resignation and the ambassador told him he had not watched the TV debate.

But Mr Hunt said: “I think we have to back our diplomats all over the world.

“Sir Kim was doing his job. He was giving his own personal but totally honest view about the country he was serving in.”


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