Rory Stewart Creates New Movement – he has a message

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Rory Stewart Creates New Movement. He made this decision after being voted out of the leadership race.

Failed Conservative party leadership candidate Rory Stewart is campaigning for a new movement.  He wants to bring Tory members back into the centre ground of politics.

A large crowd gathered in the event centre of the Underbelly on the South Bank to listen to the ex-leadership contender.

The Conservative MP has no doubt he is heading in the right direction as a politician.  His supporters were eager to catch every word he said about the movement. found him on the hustings at the Southbank in London where he was talking the movement.

What do you think of his political plan?  Do you agree a new movement will help the state of politics in the country?  Or is Rory Stewart just grasping at straws to stay in the limelight?


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