The Kitchen Trailer – 20 September – crime action thriller

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The Kitchen Trailer. Arrives at UK cinemas September 20.  Watch the trailer

When gangster husbands wind up in prison in the 1970s, their wives take over their organisation and become Hell’s Kitchen’s most powerful mobsters.

They’re left with little but a sharp ax to grind.  The ladies take the Irish mafia’s matters into their own hands.  Proving unexpectedly adept at everything from running the rackets to taking out the competition… literally.

They are a tough bunch and have no problem carrying on with the crime business.  The movie is based on the Vertigo comic book series from DC Entertainment,

Director:  Andrea Berloff

Writers:  Andrea Berloff (adaptation), Andrea Berloff 

Stars:  Elisabeth MossTiffany HaddishMelissa McCarthy.  Domhnall Gleeson

This is a film that should go in your entertainment diary.  So, will you go?  Let us know.  We would love to hear from you.


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