Sex Workers Give Evidence Works & Pensions Committee – living on edge

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Sex Workers Give Evidence Works and Pensions Committee. Discussing Universal Credit and ‘survival sex’. Living on the edge

The English Collective of Prostitutes give evidence to the Works and Pensions Committee Inquiry on Survival Sex. It is at the House of Commons.

Niki Adams of the ECP said: We are hearing daily about the terrible impact of Universal Credit on women. It is brutal to make women wait weeks before they get any money.  And to cut women’s income when they are already living on the edge.

ECP claims austerity cuts have meant that more women have been pushed into sex work to survive and feed their families. This is in particular to single mothers.


Helen McDonald, Member of the Management Committee. Nordic Model Now! Blair Buchanan, Activist and Organiser, representing SWARM and Niki Adams, Spokesperson, English Collective of Prostitutes

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