Air Quality: Take a Deep Breath – a serious problem

Air Quality: Take a Deep Breath
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Air Quality: Take a Deep Breath. Watch the video to see how it has become a serious problem

Air pollution has become a serious problem. According to the World Health Organisation, seven million premature deaths per year are linked to air pollution. The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Services provides key information about air quality around the globe.  It helps understand how we can keep our planet breathable.

Since the 20th century industrialisation had an enormous impact on the quality of air we breathe.

According to the European Environmental Agency 90 % of city dwellers in Europe are exposed to pollutants.

Concentrations are higher than the air quality levels deemed harmful to health. This resulted in over half a million premature deaths in Europe every year.

For more than 30 years Space has brought us information on our atmosphere with satellites from the European Space Agency.  The European Union’s Copernicus programme monitors the air quality across the globe and in particular in Europe.

What are your thoughts on this subject.  It is quite startling to know that so much pollution exists across the globe.  Let us know your thoughts.  Drop by our comment box and leave your views.  We would love to hear from you.  We are here 24/7


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