David Beckham Speaks Nine Languages in Malaria Campaign

David Beckham Speaks Nine Languages in Malaria Campaign
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David Beckham Speaks Nine Languages in Malaria Campaign. Watch the video to hear the message.

David Beckham launches the world’s first ever voice petition to end malaria. Join him and speak up.

The football legend David Beckham has come forward to spread an important message about the disease malaria.  To do this he ‘learnt’ nine languages to do that.

However, David didn’t have to speak the languages himself.  His team used special computer technology to make his face look like he’s speaking in different languages, and then used the voices of other people.

Very clever and an excellent idea.  It is captivating and impressive.

So, let your voice be heard. Go to and say ‘Malaria Must Die’.

Tell us what you think of this video. Are you a David Beckham Fan?  Was it a good idea to use the popular footballer to present the video?

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