Celebrating 60 Years of the Mini – Limited Editions

Celebrating 60 Years of the Mini
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Celebrating 60 Years of the Mini – Limited Editions

In this video you can stream through the list of limited edition MINI cars from 1976 to 2020.  Each one has memories for many devoted fans.  They are not only in the UK but across the globe.

2019 marks 60 years of the MINI. To make sure it would be remembered Dick Lovett Specialist Cars commissioned a video that shows at least one limited edition for each year.  You will find it a great pleasure to view and watch how the Mini developed through the years.

The first advert for the Mini back in 1976 said: if ever a car has earned its stripes, it’s the Mini.  It had specially designed striped cloth upholstery to fit in with the 70s fashion trends.

Throughout his life, Dick Lovett has had a passion for cars and motorbikes.  He is part of a family-run business and set up his first dealership in Leicestershire in 1949.  Business is good.

Find out more about Minis and the Limited Editions here:

video produced by: Evosite, Exeter:

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