Premier League: No Room For Racism – campaign launched

Premier League: No Room For Football Racism
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Premier League: No Room For Racism.  The video comes after Danny Rose was the target of racism on England duty in Montenegro.

Premier League and Clubs send a message to show commitment to equality and diversity and opposition to racism in football.

A ‘No Room for Racism’ campaign has been launched by Premier League to help stop discriminatory behaviour across football.

It kicked off on Saturday 30 March at Craven Cottage for Fulham’s clash with reigning champions Manchester City. It will run to Monday 8 April.  The video has a clear message that racism is not acceptable in the top flight or indeed the wider game.

Players have taken part in the video as they deliver the message of “No room for racism”.

The campaign was devised following a meeting between the Premier League and its member clubs.  It was agreed more needed to be done to promote inclusion and diversity in football.

What are your thoughts on this campaign.  Will it work?  Have an effect on football fans’ behaviour?  Are fans likely to listen?

Let us know what you think.  Drop us a line in the comment box below.  We would love to hear from you.


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