The Night Of The Iguana – Noel Coward Theatre

The Night Of The Iguana
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The Night Of The Iguana – Noel Coward Theatre from 6 July 2019 – 28 September 2019

The Night of the Iguana, the classic play written by acclaimed American playwright Tennessee Williams,  returns to the West End at the Noel Coward Theatre starring Clive Owen this July.

Set in a dilapidated Mexican hotel, it follows the interactions between a promiscuous widow, a clergyman and a spinster. The play was first written in 1959, and received its Broadway debut in 1961 and ran in London in 1992. Tickets are on sale now.

The characters of the play are Maxine, the widow who runs the hotel, Hannah and Reverend Shannon. They are thrown together in the hotel by chance, and forced to take cover from a furious storm raging outside.

Stars of the James Macdonald’s are: Clive Owen, Anna GunnLia Williams and Julian Glover.

Playing at:  Noel Coward Theatre, 85-88 St Martin’s Lane London WC2N 4AU


Is this your kind of play?  Will you make a date with this production?  Let us know what you think.

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