Brexit: No Deal Vote LIVE – MPs voted to reject no-deal Brexit

Theresa May loses again
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Brexit: No Deal Vote LIVE. But first watch Prime Minister’s questions at 12 noon. VOTE: 1900

15:00 Debate on the government’s motion on a no-deal Brexit

19:00 Votes on the government’s no-deal Brexit motion and any amendments

Business in Chamber opened with Prime Minister’s questions.  There were exchanges about Brexit and wanting to know what was going on with the Government.

This followed with a Spring Statement.  Chancellor Philip Hammond outlined plans for Brexit, GDP, public spending and austerity.  Will this have an influence on how MPs will vote later on a No Deal exit from the EU?

The debate on whether a No Deal exit is an option started at 15:00.  The final vote at 7pm. Theresa May lost. MPs voted to reject leaving the EU without a withdrawal agreement.


How do you feel about the Brexit situation?  Are you fed up with it?  Should we just leave and forget about a deal?  MPs will decide tonight.

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