Brexit: MPs Vote On Theresa May Deal – debate

Brexit: MPs Vote On Theresa May Deal
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Brexit: MPs Vote On Theresa May Deal.  It was another rough day for Theresa May.  She stood up to deliver her motion for an ‘improved’ deal at about 2pm.  MPs across the Chamber stood to express their rejection of the deal.

12:30 Attorney General’s statement on the negotiated Brexit deal

The Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, gave his legal opinion on the changes made to the Brexit Deal.  At this stage he says they ‘reduce risks’.  WATCH

What a state of play.  Theresa May is claiming victory over the Brexit backstop talks.  But is it really?  However the Prime Minister is hailing it as a breakthrough.

Following this Mrs May urged MPs to unite and back an “improved Brexit deal”.  She said the changes ensured Britain could not be trapped in the Irish backstop.

Conservatives MPs have been huddling together in groups to hammer through what the changes are.  Some are seeking legal advise on what they actually are.  Others uncertain whether it would really work

Let us know what you think about this whole process.  Should there be another public vote?  Have the politicians made a mess of Brexit?

As a member of the public has said, the country is: Bombarded by polls amendments and views.  Do you agree?  Is there where the parliament has taken us?


Drop by our comment box and leave your views.  We would love to hear from you.

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