May Message to EU: Let’s Get It Done – if not we may never leave

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May Message to EU: Let’s Get It Done. And warned the UK may never leave Europe

Theresa May has asked the EU for “one more push” to get her Brexit deal through Parliament. Also warned that, if it fails, “we may never leave at all”.

She made the last push speech in Grimsby.  An area where 70% voted to leave the EU.

The prime minister said the UK had tabled “serious” proposals to resolve the deadlock over the Irish backstop.

Warning of a moment of crisis if the deal was rejected again.  The PM told EU leaders: Let’s get it done.

The EU said it would give “legal force” to assurances already made that the UK could not be stuck in a customs union.

Setting out the EU’s position on Twitter, chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said it was “not interested in the blame game”.

Talks would continue over the weekend.

The UK is due to leave on 29 March although Parliament has yet to agree the terms of withdrawal.


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