PMQs: Theresa May Tackled by MPs LIVE -summit on knife crime and crisis

Theresa May PMQs
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PMQs: Theresa May Tackled by MPs LIVE – 12PM.  Crime and Brexit expected on the agenda

The Prime Minister’s opening statement announced a summit would be held to tackle the incredible increase in knife crime.

The alarming figures showing an increase in crime in England and Wales expected to dominate Question time.  MPs bound to tackle the Prime Minister over the issue.

Police officer numbers in England and Wales have dropped by just under 20,000 since 2010, while levels of violent crime have risen in recent years.

Figures released in February showed the number of fatal stabbings in England and Wales last year – 285 – was the highest since records began in 1946.

Senior Police officers are meeting with Home Secretary Sajid Javid.  They want positive reaction from the government over the crime crisis. The officers urging for stronger leadership.  How will this go down with Theresa May?

Mrs May said the problem would require a whole-of-government effort. In conjunction with the police, the wider public sector and local communities.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn criticised the prime minister for saying there was no direct link between the cut in police numbers and the increase in violent crime.


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