SpaceX Crew Dragon Docks International Space Station LIVE – new era in spaceflight

dragon closer
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SpaceX Crew Dragon Docks International Space Station LIVE.  NASA described the launch as A new era in spaceflight.  Don’t miss what happened. Click, spool and watch again

Following its successful lift-off Saturday March 2 the test mission of the SpaceX Crew Dragon has docked with the International Space Station. So far so good. Mission control said it all went well and preparing to move on to the next stage.

The Crew Dragon wasn’t entirely empty. On board was mannequin called Ripley and Little Earth.  Great to see both of them.

Later on:

Hatch Closure of Crew Dragon will be on Thursday, March 7. Undocking, de-orbit and splashdown of Crew Dragon will be on Friday, March 8.  This will be exciting as well.

This maybe a demonstration flight but it has opened up the ability for the US to launch astronauts from its own territory.  No more lift-off from Kazakstan in Russia.  The future is looking good.

The Dragon mission was launched from the Complex 39A at the NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.  Huge crowd turned up to watch blast-off.

NASA working with a private space company have launched the first astronaut capsule from US soil in 8 years.  The mission has been described as a new astronaut taxi service.  SpaceX founder Elon Musk said it could be  a major step toward opening up space travel to commercial customers.  Would you like to go on a space trip?  Is it your kind of thing?


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