/Shawn Mendes Humiliated at BRIT Awards 2019 – so say fans
Shawn Mendes Embarrassed at BRIT Awards 2019

Shawn Mendes Humiliated at BRIT Awards 2019 – so say fans

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Shawn Mendes Humiliated at BRIT Awards 2019.  It was during interview with host Jack Whitehall but forced a smile when mocked about the underwear ad he modelled.

Jack Whitehall sat down at Shawn’s table to chat. But it was more like a grilling and a mocking of Shawn’s underwear advertisement.  Shawn’s ad went viral at the time it was published – fans loved it.  However, he did not want to talk about it but managed to smile despite Jack Whitehall made disparaging remarks about his body.  Shawn was also uncomfortable and unhappy with the questioning.

Fans took to twitter to complain:

Mendes admitted to the audience and the millions viewing at home that he was now old enough to drink alcohol.  Last time he was on the show he was under age.  Can you believe that!  Jack Whitehall virtually threw bottles of alcohol at him to drink.

video: ITV


What do you think of the interview?  Did Jack Whitehall go too far with his questions?  Let us know what you think.  Drop by our comment box with your views


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