MPs Break From Labour Party – Conservatives join them

now they are eleven
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MPs Break From Labour Party.  They say British politics are well and truly broken

It started with seven:  Luciana Berger, Chuka Umunna, Gavin Shuker.  Mike Gapes, Chris Leslie, Ann Coffey, Angela Smith.

Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn said he was disappointed at their decision.

The seven made their announcement this morning (18 February).  Each stood up to give their reasons.  They all agreed they were fed up with the racism and anti-Semitism row going on in the Party.

Watch as each delivered their reasons for quitting Labour.  However, all agreed they had taken the first steps in leaving tribal politics.

Not long after another Labour MP broke from the party to join the Independent Group. She is Joan Ryan

Wednesday February 20 three MPs from the Conservatives quit.  They are: Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen.  They wrote a letter to Theresa May to confirm their departure.

The MPs say they are not a separate Party and will attend parliament as Independent politicians.

What are your thoughts?  Have the 7 done the right thing?  Should they have waited till Brexit is over?  Let us know.  Drop by our comment box and leave your thoughts.


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