Theresa May Addresses Parliament – update on Brexit – pledges final vote on Deal

Theresa May addressing Parliament
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Theresa May Addresses Parliament.  PM asked parliament to come together.  Jeremy Corbyn said she was making excuses

Theresa May promised MPs a final, decisive vote on the Brexit deal with the EU.  But not until the PM has secured changes to the Irish backstop clause.

Speaking in the Commons, the PM said she had a mandate to seek changes to the backstop as MPs had voted for it.  Mrs May told parliament that time was needed to complete the process

If no agreement reached by 26 February, then MPs will get more non-binding votes on Brexit options the following day.

The final vote on whether Britain leaves the EU on 29 March with a deal would be pushed back into March.


Not much time left.  Can it be sorted?  Let us know your thoughts.  Leave your views in our comment box below.  Also watch on the go just dial and you’re there!  Subscribe to our daily news letter to keep up to date with our channel

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