Theresa May Gets Sharp With Donald Tusk – it was hellishđŸ”¥

Tusk and May in Brussels
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Theresa May Gets Sharp With Donald Tusk.  His ‘hell’ comments not helpful

In Brussels, Theresa May told EU leaders she can get the Brexit deal through Parliament. That is if they give her legally-binding changes to it.

The UK prime minister – who also vowed to deliver Brexit “on time” – spoke after a series of meetings with top EU officials in Brussels.

It was grim in Brussels but Donald Tusk was not going to get away with what he said yesterday.  Mrs May said she tackled the European Council President on his comments about there being a “special place in hell” for those who campaigned for Brexit without a plan to deliver it safely.

Did he deserve it?  What are your thoughts about the day in Brussels and the attitude toward the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal?

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