Brexit Deal: Amendments – PM addresses Parliament

Theresa May Amendment day
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Brexit Deal: Amendments.  Theresa May addresses Parliament.  Vote on Amendments at 19:00 GMT

On the Agenda: Motion – Section 13 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018

The Prime Minister appears to rip up the Brexit Deal and plans to go back to the EU with another proposal.  MPs are angry.  She says it is better for Parliament to say what it wants rather than what it doesn’t want. She’s put forward this new proposal she says on the basis of talks held with opposition parties.  They did not include the Labour Party.

Speaker has chosen 7 amendments to be presented in Parliament.  The vote is at 7pm

MPs will not deliver their final verdict on the PM’s deal during voting in this evening’s vote.

What a turnaround.  A clever manoeuvre?  What do you think?

Have to say Parliament is proving very entertaining these days.  We know it’s at the expense of the Brexit Deal.  But do you like watching the MPs performance in Chambers?

Let us know.  Drop by the comment box below and leave your views



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