Brexit: Radio Ads for after leaving EU – 29th March 2019

EU flag down
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Brexit: Radio Ads for after leaving EU – 29th March 2019.  There’s advice on how to travel in Europe and more

The Government is broadcasting a radio advertisement advising people what they can do once we leave the EU.  Take a listen.  There are two versions of the ad in this video.  Don’t miss taking a listen and roll the VT!

Each are 30 seconds long and go out on Capital Radio, Magic, Classic FM and Absolute Radio.  It directs members of the public who are worried about leaving the EU.

At this stage it is not certain whether we leave with a deal or a no-deal.  Politicians agreed on the March 39 date when they voted to accept article 50 in parliament.

And there is a website where more information is available:



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What are your views about the ads?  Do you think they offer enough information?  What are your thoughts.  Drop by our comment box below and let us know how you feel.


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