Theresa May Brexit: Way Forward Parliament – PM won’t rule out no-deal Brexit

Theresa May Brexit: Way Forward Parliament LIVE
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Theresa May Brexit: Way Forward Parliament.  PM said she WON’T rule out a no-deal Brexit or hold second referendum.

Lots of references to a week of talks with members of the opposition parties to try to battle out a Brexit Deal parliament will accept.  It seems though the no-deal issue has got nowhere.

The prime minister addressed the Commons on Monday January 21.  Theresa May set out how she intends to proceed with the Brexit withdrawal agreement. No-deal stays on the table, no new referendum and no changes to dates for leaving the EU.  Believes leaving with a deal is the best way forward.

A debate on her plan B deal will be voted upon on 29 January.

Theresa May pointed out in her statement that Jeremy Corbyn did not participate in the all party meetings. Mr Corbyn said Labour would not take part in discussions unless no-deal was taken off the agenda.


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