Theresa May Wins Vote of No Confidence – meeting Corbyn

Theresa May wins no confidence vote
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Theresa May Wins Vote of No Confidence.  Debate for the crucial vote on the motion tabled by the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn lasted for more than 5 hours.  But took less than half hour to deliver the results.

In the wind-up there was a lot of noise.  MPs are so good at doing that.

Prime Minister survived the No Confidence vote tabled by Jeremy Corbyn.

In her ‘winning’ speech Theresa May invited the Labour leader to meet for talks on the Brexit Deal.  A good start. Getting down to business straight away.  Many labour members want Mr Corbyn to call for a second referendum.  But he’s likely to grab Mrs May’s offer of cross-party talks to try to buy more time.  So will the government move towards Labour’s position of keeping Britain in a Customs Union with the EU and a close single market relationship.  We will see.

Is it better the two leaders get together on Brexit deal?  What do you think?  Should there be another referendum?  Can another deal be negotiated? Cross party talks help?  What do you think is the way forward?

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