Brexit Withdrawal Bill Leaving EU Statement – did MPs listen?

Theresa May PM 13 Jan 2019
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Brexit Withdrawal Bill Leaving EU State – Eve of the Meaningful vote. Last ditch attempt to convince MPs to back the Brexit deal

The EU has issued fresh assurances over the deal’s impact on Northern Ireland.

In a letter to Mrs May, it said it did not want the customs backstop to take effect and, if it did, it would only be for “the shortest possible period”.

It is going to be a real battle and a hard day for the Prime Minister.  Theresa May made a last ditch attempt to convince MPs as well as deliver a statement in Parliament ahead of the debate.

She’s warned that trust in politics will suffer “catastrophic harm” if the referendum result is not implemented.

Theresa May is campaigning hard to convince a number of MPs to support her Brexit Deal.  Ministers have joined her and appealed to conservative members and others to back the deal.

MPs likely to take advantage of last opportunity to have their say – good or bad – about the deal.

Under attack for whatever reason.  Many in the community sympathise with the PM because they say she has not had any help.  Do you agree?

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