Brexit: Meaningful Vote – Radio Ad – for after Brexit

EU flag down
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Brexit: Meaningful Vote – Radio Ad.  There’s advice on how to travel in Europe and more

You will be able to watch online from anywhere you are!

In the meantime the Government is broadcasting a radio advertisement advising people what they can do once we leave the EU.  Take a listen.  There two versions of the ad in this video

It is 30 seconds long going out on Capital Radio, Magic, Classic FM and Absolute Radio.  It directs members of the public who are worried about leaving the EU.


Back to the Meaningful vote. broadcast live the whole political occasion which happened in the Chamber of the House of Commons. The results of the vote: 202 for the deal and 432 against it.

There are 650 elected MPs who cast their vote.  And it was not even close.

317 Conservative MPs, Labour 217, Scottish National Party 35, Liberal Democrat 11, DUP 10, Independent 7, Sinn Féin 7, Plaid Cymru 4, Green Party 1.  And the Speaker John Bercow

We understand more than 100 Conservative MPs will vote against the PMs deal.

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