Brexit: A Divided UK – leaving date 29th March 2019

A Divided UK
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Brexit: A Divided UK. The division is causing chaos in House of Commons

Crowds outside Parliament have different messages about Brexit.  Placards display the slogans representing various views.

It seems most demonstrating in front of the House of Commons are supporters of leaving the European Union. But there are many who want Britain to remain.  Does this apply across the country?

An incident involving Anna Soubry Conservative MP led to extra police on patrol.  She had been called a ‘nazi’ by activists while being interviewed on television and while walking to the Tube station.

Extra Police now patrol the area to maintain a cool and calm atmosphere.

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is on the table but it seems very few want it.  On Tuesday January 15 MPs will vote whether to accept it or not.  At the moment they don’t seem to want it.


What are your thoughts?  Should MPs vote for it?  Let us know.  Drop by our comment box below and leave your views.  Remember you can watch our videos on your smart phone.  Just key in and you’re there!

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