British Workers Wanted – Repeat 19 Jan 9pm – on Together Freeview Sky Virgin Freesat

British Workers Wanted
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British Workers Wanted.  Bognor Regis short of staff.  Repeat broadcast on Together Sunday 19 January 9pm. 

Watch on – Freeview 93 | Sky 173 | Virgin 269 | Freesat 164

A recruitment agency with a lack of reliable workers. What would you do to stay in the business?
This documentary follows two glamorous Leave-voting women who are trying to attract Brits to join their recruitment agency as many of their Eastern European workers choose to leave Brexit Britain.

Bognor Regis is named Little Poland. One in three people in Bognor Regis are East European.  But they are leaving.

TX times (Sunday 13th at 9pm then repeats 19th at 9pm and 26th at 10pm) and our channel numbers:

Don’t forget there are repeats which means you can’t miss it!  This is where you can view the programme


Freeview 93 | Sky 173 | Virgin 269 | Freesat 164

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