Brexit Withdrawal Debate – a Plan B debate could be restricted

Yvette Cooper Labour MP
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Brexit Withdrawal Debate. There is concern over a rumour that Downing Street has plans to impose restrictions should there be a Plan B debate

During a point of order Labour’s Yvette Cooper said the media was reporting the possibility of time restriction and that there would be one amendment only.

Julian Smith Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury immediately followed with a denial to the reports.

Should Thesera May lose the next Tuesday’s vote on the Brexit Deal then Plan B would have to spring into action.  This would mean a debate.  Ms Cooper concerned the media reports could be true. Important to bring it out into the open just in case.

The speaker’s performance in the House yesterday (Jan 9) is still ringing in our ears.  Conservative MPs have criticised John Bercow for the way he handled amendments.  The row continues.

Also, latest reports say Business Secretary Greg Clark is threatening to resign from Government rather than agree to no-deal Brexit.

Outside parliament, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader will call for the Brexit impasse to be put to the people.  In a speech in Wakefield Mr Corbyn urged for a General Election.

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