Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate – Plan B – Bercow row

Sir Keir Starmer - Shadow Brexit Secretary
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Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Debate – Plan B – Bercow row 

MPs Vote on PLAN B @ 14:06:56

Before the vote there were clashes with the Speaker of House JOHN BERCOW over points of order.  This is a good watch

Rebel Tory MPs have joined forces with Labour to inflict a fresh blow on Theresa May’s government in a Commons Brexit vote.

It means the government will have to return to Parliament with fresh plans within three days if Mrs May EU withdrawal deal is rejected by MPs next week.  The initial idea was the government would have 21 days.  Now that’s gone.

It could also open the door to alternatives, such as a referendum.

The government lost by 11 votes, with 297 MPs voting with them and 308 against.

It comes ahead of five days of debate on the PM’s Brexit deal.

The main debate on the Theresa May Brexit Deal is Tuesday January 15.

Labour Party’s Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer delivers his argument @ 15:21:29

Sir Keir Starmer said no changes had been made to the deal.  Mrs May had not agreed any changes with the EU.  So, deal remains the same despite calls to renegotiate.

Let us know your thoughts on this debate.  Are the MPs making good arguments?  Drop by our comment box and leave your views.  Also watch our live programmes on your smart phone.  Just dial

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