Theresa May Urges MPs to Back Her Brexit Deal – vote 15 January

Theresa May Urges MPs to Back Her Brexit Deal
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Theresa May Urges MPs to Back Her Brexit Deal.  She told Andrew Mar nothing will stop it now.  Brexit Deal vote in parliament 15 January

Fresh from Christmas holidays, the Prime Minister sat with the BBC’s Andrew Mar and responded to his questions about the future of her Brexit Deal.

First of all Andrew wanted the PM to confirm whether the parliamentary vote on her Brexit Deal would definitely go ahead.  She said yes.  It is to happen sometime between 14 – 17 January.

Back in December the government pledged to hold the vote.  But at the last minute it was pulled and cancelled. 

Will Theresa May get the support she is campaigning for.  It has been a struggle up till now with threats of chucking her out and a new leader.

Theresa May is also tackled about a second vote.  She says from the feed-back she’s getting from the public is that it is not wanted.  Argument being that the 2016 referendum was democratic and clear about leaving the EU.

Let us know what you think.  Do you feel confident things are going to go more smoothly now?  Will MPs continue to object to Theresa May’s Brexit plans?

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