Second Act Trailer – 25 January – stars Jennifer Lopez

Second Act Trailer
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Second Act Trailer – enjoy Jennifer Lopez in this comedy arriving in UK cinemas January 25

Value Shop assistant manager Maya Vargas wants only one thing for her 43rd birthday — a promotion. While her résumé may not scream upper management, her track record certainly does. Vargas is an innovator who listens to her customers and delivers results.

When she loses the job to a college-educated candidate, Maya sets out to prove to Madison Avenue that street smarts are as valuable as book smarts — and it’s never too late for a second act.


A big box store worker reinvents her life and her life-story and shows Madison Avenue what street smarts can do.


Peter Segal


Justin Zackham, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas


Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Leah Remini.  Milo Ventimiglia, Treat Williams

Are you a fan of Jennifer Lopez?  The film is fantastic. Will you put it in your film diary for January?  Let us know what you think of the movie.  Drop by our comment box and leave your thoughts.

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