Oxford Martin School Webcam – LIVE Broad Street Oxford

Oxford Martin School Webcam
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Oxford Martin School Webcam – one of the best looking streets in the city

The Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford is a world-leading centre of pioneering research that addresses global challenges. School invests in research that cuts across disciplines to tackle a wide range of issues such as climate change, disease and inequality.

Oxford Martin School supports novel, high risk and multidisciplinary projects that may not fit within conventional funding channels. It does this because breaking boundaries can produce results that could dramatically improve the wellbeing of this and future generations.

Also, the school seeks to make an impact by taking new approaches to global problems, through scientific and intellectual discovery.  And by developing policy recommendations and working with a wide range of stakeholders to translate them into action.

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This is a great view of this particular part of Oxford.  The city is known for its high-level education and the number of scholars that have graduated there.

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