Remarkable Places Listed in 2018 – 23 chosen out of 900

The Cock sign Sutton
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Remarkable Places Listed in 2018.  23 now have grade II status.  

The list includes a former lifeboat house in Essex and two Rolls Royce testing hangars in Nottingham.  A thatched memorial bus shelter in Dorset.  Also a cattle trough in London and an Arts and Crafts garden in Gloucestershire.

The selection has astonished as well as admired by many.

Historic England published its annual highlights from more than 900 buildings and sites listed or upgraded this year

Watch the video. It goes through the 23 selected buildings.  They may surprise but all look pretty fantastic.  And it is good that they are regarded as structures that should be looked after and kept.

The locations are dotted around England.


What do you think of the sites?  Are they worth saving?  Should the buildings be given protection?  Many certainly unusual.  The design and way structures built help make-up the beauty behind the age.

Let us know your thoughts.  Drop by the comment box below and leave your remarks. We would love to hear from you.

Remember you can watch all the videos on your smart phone.  Just key in and you’re there!

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Photos copyright Historic England

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