PMQs No Brexit Deal LIVE REPLAY – 100 days to go

PMQs No Deal
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PMQs No-Deal Brexit Deal LIVE REPLAY – 100 days to go.  @12:19:15 you’ll catch the ‘stupid woman’ incident. 

Question time in Parliament bound to be the rowdiest, angriest since the EU referendum in June 2016.  And PMQs ideal place to publicly attack the Prime Minister

A No-Deal Brexit activated as Theresa May warned they could not delay any longer.

On Thursday Cabinet signed off billions of pounds spending preparations. There are 100 days until the UK crashes out and Parliament deadlocked.

The scale of the effort means 320 projects mobilised. This includes booking of space on ferries to ensure critical medical supplies get into the country.

Ministry of Defence alerted about 3,500 troops on stand-by and ready to intervene where needed. The public also urged to prepare themselves and their families for no-deal situation.  Detailed information on contingency plans published over the coming weeks – including through the Christmas holidays.

Major developments.  Theresa May is not kidding.  This is it.  If the Brexit deal on the table not accepted by Parliament then it’s all out.

Stupid Woman

Watch out for the incident.

Very dodgy for the PM.  And so close to Christmas

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One Response to “PMQs No Brexit Deal LIVE REPLAY – 100 days to go”

  1. Marktime December 19, 2018 at 9:59 am #

    The “Deal” St. Teresa has cobbled together with the help of “our friends” in the EU, is not the deal the people voted for in 2016.

    Despite her regular dogma ‘Leave Means Leave’ she is actually shackling us to the bullies in Brussels for ever, which was not what was tabled by the 17.5 million, and to enact to the contrary is a shameful disgrace. We had the vote in 2016 and after several resignations, to think we are now considering a hard brexit shows how incompetent be she is and the government are. We have been out negotiated by Brussels once again, humiliated as a nation and have give away our sovereignty and our law making if her so called ‘deal’ is accepted.

    I and many like me are appalled at what can only be described as brinkmanship by an an experienced politician with no sense of moral compass ( but that is quite normal with our politicians through the ages).

    Churchill once famously said if the choice is Europe or the open sea, then the sea is a better option. So Teresa, it matters not how many summits you attend, and how many of our cherished benefits you give way on, the bottom line is this is the worst deal ever thought up. So get us out of this almighty mess you have caused us, pocket the divorce settlement of £39 billion and the £10 billion annual subscription, and leave the 27 before it’s too late. Tell me, if one resigns from a club, you don’t continue to pay the subs or a divorce settlement, so why should we?

    Unless we get the trade deal we were promised ” Trade not Complete Subserviance ‘
    to the EU, then we walk and as soon as the buffoons in Brussels understand that the better. When we stop buying Frence chees, and German cars and Italian goods, they will want a deal and in the meantime we will be free to trade with the world once again.

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