ESA Highlights 2018 – busy year in space

ESA Highlights 2018
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ESA Highlights 2018.  With 2019 on the horizon we can look back at a fruitful 2018.

It has been a year marked by new Earth Observation missions to analyse and protect our planet.  In particular the completion of Copernicus first wave of Sentinel satellites. Also the near completion of the Galileo constellation which soon operational.  And the first ESA-JAXA mission to study Mercury and the continuous presence of ESA astronauts in the ISS.

This video presents the highlights of 2018 for ESA.

A lot of space missions during 2018.  Were you able to watch them?  Did you catch any of the live launches?  Space pollution a major concern and new efforts were made to tackle the problem.

But not easy.

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