Prime Minister Addresses MPs LIVE REPLAY – Brexit deal vote January 15

Prime Minister Addresses MPs LIVE 1530
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Prime Minister Addresses MPs LIVE REPLAY.  No new referendum – WATCH LIVE REPLAY – No-one happy with the PM. Vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal not until week of 15 January.

Theresa May was sent back to Brussels to try to renegotiate the Brexit Deal.  It was tough.  None of the leaders were interested in reopening discussions.  The Back-stop issue didn’t get a look-in according to some political observers.

Reports say Mrs May has returned to UK empty-handed.  But has she?  PM outlined what she had in her hand on the Brexit Deal.

There is so much going on it is difficult to keep up with the reality of the Brexit journey.  Let’s hope some clarity will be given when Theresa May presents her message to Parliament.

Options: vote on Brexit deal so far.  Hold another referendum.  Negotiate a Denmark or Canada type deal.

What a mix!  No wonder none of them can agree. Chamber is against the Prime Minister.  Will it be a no deal Brexit?

Parliament opens with Questions at 14:30

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