Virgin Galactic Reaches Edge of Space – first tourist flight likely March 2019

Virgin Galactic Reaches Edge of Space
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Virgin Galactic Reaches Edge of Space.  Space tourism could begin as early as March 2019

Virgin Galactic has successfully launched a tourism rocket ship into space for the first time.  Sir Richard Branson aims to launch a commercial flight by March 2019. He wants to be on it.

The Virgin Space Ship (VSS) Unity took off from the Mojave test centre in California.  It climbed 51 miles (82km) before beginning its descent early on Thursday December 13.

The company considers the altitude to be the boundary of space. This breaks a long-held view that it is reached at 62 miles (100km)

Sir Richard is in a race with other billionaire-backed ventures to offer space flights to tourists. Other competitors include Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Elon Musk.

The VSS Unity is a SpaceShipTwo air-launched rocket plane. Especially designed specifically for commercial use.

The successful flight is significant progress toward the start of commercial flights that Virgin Galactic.  Pledge to launch tourism into space made more than a decade ago.

It marked the plane’s fourth test flight and followed earlier setbacks in the firm’s space programme.

Cost of taking the tourist trip starts at about £250,000.  And there is a queue of wealthy enthusiasts waiting to take the journey.

Would you pay this kind of money to go into space? Some plan to spend life savings for the trip


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