Malcolm Is A Little Unwell – download 8 January – descent into madness

Malcolm Is A Little Unwell Trailer
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Malcolm Is A Little Unwell – Brabant Productions – Download itunes January 8. 

The film ‘Unwell’ tells about the descent into madness of award-winning BBC foreign correspondent Malcolm Brabant. It happened after receiving a routine yellow fever vaccine required for an assignment in Africa.  This after enduring a near fatal fever.  Malcolm begins hallucinating and starts to believe he is the new Messiah. During the Jesus complex, he believes ghosts of dead friends direct his head. They also covered the siege of Sarajevo. A battle zone from where Malcolm reported the destruction.

The psychosis disappeared after six weeks, but Brabant suffers several relapses. The most significant one was captured on camera by Brabant himself.  Malcolm appeared convinced the Second Coming had to be on television.  Stunning to watch and an amazing visual captured.

This unique footage is supplemented by video diaries recorded by Brabant’s Danish wife Trine Villemann, in order to document his transformation. Brabant’s condition deteriorates and he spends months locked up in secure wards.

The film is a paean to love and family bonds and contains an unexpected Hollywood ending.

Directed and produced by: Brabant Productions

With Trine Villemann and Malcolm Brabant.  For more:

Film quotes:

Malcolm:  You may not know this but I used to be seriously mad.  I had a yellow fever vaccine that fired my brain and sent me crazy.

Trine (his wife): He sounded incredibly pained.  Do you know who I am he asked me.

Malcolm: Please protect me get air-force over here right now

Trine: Psychiatrists assured me it was organic psychosis brought on by the yellow fever vaccine. 

Trine: I gave him the knife so that he could carve the pork that day….


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