Brexit Debate View Again – Day 3 – economy and international trade

no-one in favour of deal

Brexit Debate View Again – Day 3.  Don’t miss another heavy, tense Chamber in the House of Commons. It looks like the deal is dying a death.  MPs don’t like it

Another day debating the controversial issue of Exiting The European Union.  So what will happen today December 6?

The  Chancellor Philip Hammond opens the debate.  International Trade Secretary Liam Fox expected to round off proceedings after about eight hours.  What will they have for us?

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell confirming the party does not want to reach level where there’s no deal.

On Wednesday, Mr Hammond told the Commons Treasury committee: “When there is a deal on the table that has very, very modest costs to the economy, which will allow us to move on as a nation both economically and politically, I judge that even narrowly, economically that will be in the best interests of the country.”

Mr Fox has warned of a risk of Parliament trying to “steal Brexit from the British people”, after MPs voted to give themselves a greater say over the process.

He said there was a “natural Remain majority” in Parliament and that any attempts to delay the UK’s departure or overturn the 2016 referendum result would be a “democratic affront”.


Don’t forget to leave your views.  Visit our comment box below and let us know your thoughts.  We would love to hear from you.  How do you think things are looking for Theresa May?  Pressure is not easing but the PM is hanging on.  Some MPs say her position is vulnerable.  Will we all stay together?  There is so much division.  How would you like to see this go?

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