Brexit: Make or Break Day for Government REPLAY – plus Legal challenge – Dec 4

Brexit Debate LIVE

Brexit: Make or Break Day for Government REPLAY – Tuesday 4 December 5 an action packed day for Parliament. Theresa May on her feet battling against a barrage of objections to the Brexit Deal.

MPs voted on whether the UK government broke the rules of Parliament. Mainly because it failed to publish the full legal advice it received on the Brexit plan.

The government’s chief legal adviser, Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, published an overview on Monday.  He has lost and the full legal plan to be made available to everyone.

No 10 insists publishing confidential advice is not in the national interest.

It comes ahead of five days of debate on the EU withdrawal agreement. MPs to vote on the PM’s deal next week.

Theresa May begins parliamentary debate to have the Brexit Deal accepted by MPs.    The debate is scheduled to last eight hours a day.  Prime Minister expected to say the UK is on course for a “better future outside the EU” and that her deal “takes back control of our borders, laws and money”.

The Brexit controversy hots up!  The crescendo of argument rising possible to a loud bang. There’s more than trouble for Theresa May and it’s coming from many in her own Party.

A long day ahead.  But the PM is not giving up.  What do you think of the Brexit battle?


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