SpaceX Tesla Starman Cosmic Journey: blast-off 6 February 2018

SpaceX Tesla Starman Cosmic Journey
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SpaceX Tesla Starman Cosmic Journey. Launched into space 6 February 2018.  

Click and take a look at this footage originally aired the day of blast-off.  It launched into space on the first Falcon Heavy satellite

SpaceX designed the system to only transmit video for a few hours after blast-off. That’s all they wanted, or needed.

Starman is in a heliocentric orbit – around the Sun – that will take it past the orbit of Mars (by a few million km), but not as far as the asteroid belt. It is expected to continue orbiting for millions of years. Until its orbit is eventually tweaked by the gravitational pull of the planets enough that it either collides with Earth, Venus, or the Sun

The continent you see as Starman drifts away from the Earth is Australia.

Stars not seen because they are too dim in relation to the brightness of the direct sunlight. Camera sensors and film do not work the same way human eyes do.  The video only exposes properly for a specific level of brightness at any given time. If the camera’s light sensitivity adjusted to show the stars, then Starman, the Tesla, and Earth would appear as bright white blobs.

Starman is currently tens of millions of miles from Earth. To track his position, visit



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