Poverty Major Problem In UK – warns Special UN Envoy

UN Special Envoy Philip Alston
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Poverty Major Problem In UK. According to Special Envoy on extreme poverty,  Philip Alston, said he saw a lot of misery during his visit.

Philip Alston was speaking at a press conference broadcast on Facebook where he revealed early  findings of his twelve day study in Britain. Many, he said, could not cope on their own.

During his time in the country, Philip Alston investigated Government efforts to tackle the issue of poverty.  Also the impact of austerity measures, Universal Credit, Brexit, and a digital government on people living in poverty.

Mr Alston was invited by the Government to carry out the investigation.  He arrived 5 November and met communities in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. A full report handed in to the Government before leaving.

It will be available in Spring 2019 and presented to the Human Rights Council in Geneva in June 2019.


What are your thoughts on this?  Was it right to have this visit?  You are welcome to leave your views in the comment box below.  We would love to hear from you.  Watch the video.  It is fascinating what Mr Alston has found while here in the UK.  Crowds would show up to see him when he arrived at various locations.

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