Theresa May Brexit Statement – LIVE REPLAY – more resignations

Theresa May Brexit Statement

Theresa May Brexit Statement – LIVE REPLAY – determined to stand by her proposals.   Anger, rejection has spread among Conservative MPs.  Is ‘no deal better than a bad deal?’  More resignations.

The cabinet backed a draft withdrawal agreement between the UK and the EU.  But resignations followed.  Dominic Raab had quit the following day and Esther McVey also resigned.  Other senior Conservative officials also gone.

In her statement, the Prime Minister repeated her determination to carry out what the people voted for in the 2016 referendum. She outlined that progress had been made in the negotiations, and wanted the agreement to be finalised.  Theresa May insisted the the UK will pull out of the EU March 29, 2019

But leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg described it as a “rotten deal”.  Suddenly there were threats of resignation and withdrawal of support.  Rees-Mogg is not keeping quiet and insisting that the Theresa May proposal is not lousy.

Jeremy Corbyn said the draft agreement a ‘huge failure’.

There’s an awful lot of pressure on the Prime Minister.  Will she give in?  MPs from her party did not express support and some have resigned.

Is it a mess?  What are your thoughts?  Should the deal be thrown out?  Time to consider a No Deal situation?

Let us know your thoughts.  Tel us what you think.  After all the majority in the country voted to pull out of the EU.  Drop by our comment box below and leave your views.  We would love to hear from you.

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