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Toy Story 4 NEW Teaser Trailer - 2019

Toy Story 4 NEW Teaser Trailer –  Watch the brand new teaser trailer for Toy Story 4. In UK cinemas 21 June 2019

Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the gang are back.  It’s the first teaser trailer for Toy Story 4.

It’s been eight years since tearful goodbyes said to Andy. The rest of the squad settled into a new home with Bonnie in Toy Story 3.

The trailer shows the toys gleefully dancing in a circle along with a brand new character, Forky.

Forky is a spork who has been given a makeover in a craft project and is in denial about the fact he’s now a toy.

“I don’t belong here!” the utensil cries – voiced by comedian Tony Hale – as he wrestles his pipe cleaner hands free and makes a run for it, making the other toys topple over one another.

Stars:  Tom Hanks, Annie Potts, Patricia Arquette.  Tony Hale (Forky), Joan Cusack

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