Adorable Antarctica Baby Penguins – ‘icy school excursion’

Adorable Antarctica Baby Penguins

Adorable Antarctica Baby Penguins. The chicks are in line for their day out.

Fluffy emperor penguin chicks were spotted marching in a line in Antarctica Monday.

These adorable baby penguins appeared to be going on an “icy school excursion” at the Auster Rookery, in East Antarctica.

The group was followed by an adult penguin while another one slid across the scene oblivious to the others.

As for their future:  The “chicks are growing up fast. By December, they’ll be as big as their parents!”, the Australian Antarctic Program said.

The Australian Antarctic Program is led and supported by the Australian Antarctic Division.

What a delightful scene.  They are just adorable to watch.  Don’t miss checking out this video.

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