Rimmel Launches I Will Not Be Deleted Campaign – action to stop cyber bullying

Rimmel Launches I Will Not Be Deleted Campaign
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Rimmel Launches I Will Not Be Deleted Campaign. Action to stop cyber abuse. There’s more in November

The global beauty company Coty announced new initiative with cosmetics brand Rimmel taking the lead. Campaign designed to combat growing issue of beauty cyberbullying.  The abuse affects millions of people, predominately young girls, around the world. Beauty cyberbullying happens when someone bullied about appearance through negative or abusive comments on social media channels.

As part of the collaboration, Rimmel will work with Cybersmile. This to create the Cybersmile Assistant, a state-of-the-art AI-driven tool that will be available for all visitors to the Cybersmile website from across the globe.

An English version initially launched early in 2019.  Later, the ground-breaking virtual assistant will be rolled out in several languages.  Also recommend approved local resources Helplines and organisations that can help those affected by beauty cyberbullying.

Launch held at an event at The Mondrian Hotel in London. Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne attended and named Rimmel global brand ambassadors.  Some influencers and consumers whose own experiences of beauty cyberbullying helped shape the campaign spoke of abuse.

Rita said: I hope that by working with a business the size of Coty, we can get this message out to millions of people worldwide and truly change things for the better.

Cara said: Cyberbullying related to beauty choices has a real impact on people long after the incident occurs. The idea that some people make decisions in anticipation or fear of potential bullying is heartbreaking. I look forward to working with Rimmel to try to find a way of addressing this growing issue.

Both great personalities and vital to the message.  Rimmel and Coty have chosen well.  Let’s hope the words will spread across the globe and make an impact.  People out there need help and this should be a way to reach out to them.

Some Stats from report commissioned by Coty:

One in four women have experienced beauty cyberbullying.

  • 57% of those who have experienced beauty cyberbullying didn’t tell anyone
  • 67% of those who experienced beauty cyberbullying lost confidence
  • 46% of women who have experienced beauty cyberbullying have gone on to self-harm

This is not good news.  The figures are quite high.  Not good if confidence is lost. Also not good if keeping the problem a secret.


What do you think of the idea?  Is it worth trying?  Would it work?  It sounds an amazing project.  Can it be successful?  A global campaign should be effective.

Let us have your thoughts.  We would love to hear from you about this subject.  There is a comment box below where you can leave your views.

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