Theresa May Reports To Commons on Brexit – WATCH AGAIN – 95% complete

Brexit update

Theresa May Reports To Commons on Brexit. WATCH AGAIN. There have been calls to end ‘vile’ abuse against the Prime Minister

Prime Minister insists her Brexit deal is 95 per cent complete as she updates MPs in the Commons later today.

It comes amid yet more speculation over the prime minister’s future.  Reports over the weekend suggested there is an immediate threat to her leadership.

She told MPs that since last month’s fractious summit in Salzburg, “important progress” had been made on issues like security, transport and services.

In an article in the Sunday Times, a Tory backbencher was quoted as saying: “The moment is coming when the knife gets heated, stuck in her front and twisted. She’ll be dead soon.”

The PM was also told to “bring her own noose” to a meeting later this week.  During the debate on her Brexit message many spoke of their outrage concerning abusive language used against Theresa May.

Mrs May thanked each one personally when responding to their questions.

Monday October 22, the PM is to present her Brexit deal as negotiated so far.  Will MPs appreciated it?  Will they listen to what she has to say?  Any abusive reaction likely to her speech in the Commons?

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