Planet Mercury ESA Mission – Launch Oct 19/20

planet mercury
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Planet Mercury ESA Mission. October 19/20 the European Space Agency will launch BepiColombo. It will be from Kourou at 22:45. It is an ESA / JAXA mission to understand the planet Mercury.

Among the four inner Solar System planets, Mercury is the smallest and very dense.  Its vast iron core dominates its internal structure.

It is the closest planet to the Sun and experiences extreme temperature variations on its surface. From about +430ºC, down to –180ºC. It has permanently shadowed regions at its poles that never see sunlight and thus enables ice to exist on its floor. Mercury’s ancient, cratered surface shows signs of past volcanic and tectonic activity.  The planet is heavily weathered by the harsh space environment.

British scientists from University of Leicester taking part in the space launch.

The video explains what we know so far about Mercury.  Also what we want to achieve by sending BepiColombo ESA JAXA Mission to Mercury on 19 October from Europe’ Spaceport in Kourou.


This is a key launch for the solar system. Will we get to learn more about its functions?  Scientist will be eager to receive data from the satellite.  What does the planet have on its surface?  The latest launch will help recognise the texture.

Is the cost of the satellite worth it?  It will be an expensive venture. But scientists say it will be worth it in the long-term.

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