Seann Walsh & Katya Jones Paso Doble – controversial couple – Strictly 2018

Seann Walsh & Katya Jones Paso Doble

Seann Walsh & Katya Jones Paso Doble. The couple danced to the ‘Matrix Theme’.

Seann Walsh & Katya Jones Paso Doble to ‘Matrix Theme’ from The Matrix – BBC Strictly 2018.

It was film week on Strictly and Katya chose The Matrix for their special performance.

A perfect choice.  She looked stunning and Seann looked superb in his all black gear.  He seemed ready for a rough and tumble.  Also for the pace and technique of the Paso Doble.  They were highly praised by the judges and scored 30.  Brilliant!!

But a storm has broken.  They were caught on camera KISSING!!! after work!  It was a Saturday night and the birthday of Seann’s girlfriend Rebecca Humphries.  The dancing couple made it their night.  They had a drink or two and eventually clinched, embraced and kissed passionately.

Whereas, Rebecca was waiting at home to celebrate her birthday.  But no way.  It did not happen.

The controversial affair hit newspaper headlines, and stunned the public. An apology went out on social media from Seann and Katya.  She says she’s in love with her husband and does not want to upset him.

But isn’t it all too late?  Rebecca has left Seann and took the cat with her.  Drop by our comment box and leave your views.

In the meantime enjoy the dancing.  It is spectacular.


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