Huge American Aircraft Carrier Comes To Portsmouth – now joins NATO military drill

Huge American Aircraft Carrier Comes To Portsmouth

Huge American Aircraft Carrier Comes To Portsmouth weekend of 6 and 10 October 2018.  It made a smooth arrival and anchored in The Solent. The ship joins Nato’s largest military drill since 2002 later this month as allies test their ability to defend a member state.

Harry S Truman Aircraft Carrier. THOUSANDS of sailors were set to descend on Portsmouth. This was when a major aircraft carrier arrived at the weekend. The 1,096ft-long USS Harry S Truman arrived on Saturday 6 October. Excitement was building up ahead of her mooring just off Stokes Bay.

Sailors due to make a run ashore during the stopover.😄

She is currently on deployment supporting NATO allies.  The European and African partner nations and US national security interests in Europe and Africa.

Portsmouth City Council’s leader Councillor Gerald Vernon Jackson said it was wonderful to have the American navy visit.

Councillor Jackson said: It is wonderful to have the US navy come and visit Portsmouth.  What is interesting is that they are actually moored closer to Southampton.  But the crew choose to come for R&R in Portsmouth.

Will you be there to see them arrive?  What an exciting event.  It is only for the weekend but the enormous vessel will be a great sight to see.

Would it be okay to say that maybe a lot of people will show up along the shore line:)) . There will be a lot of sailors to entertain😁

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